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Trolling lovers have to follow the same rules of the spin casters. When you troll in the shallow areas it is recommendable to use small hardware ( the so called “wedding bands” ) with a short leader up to a maximum of 18 inches, and natural baits like worms, millworms, maggots or a fly; leeches and wooly buggers are the most popular. Shiny streamers work too behing a wedding band. Flat fish F3-F4 orange with black spots or frog pattern with yellow spots. The colour of the wedding band is not really important, as it has just the function of distracting the fish from its natural feeding, and attract it towards the bait. If you are trolling deeper areas , 20 to 40 feet down, it is recommendable to use bigger hardware ( the so called “gangtrolls” ) with shiny colours ( silver is the best ) and a longer leader , up to 6-7 feet. Worms are as usual the best bait, but millworms, maggots and flies work too. Trollers should consider to use flatfish ( apex, hot shots ) without hardware : a simple weight before the swivel, and a long leader, up to 10 feet to allow the minnows its natural action. Spinners and spoons work good as well both with or without hardware. Putting a bait on the spoon or the spinner is most of the time useless or couterproductive : it inhibits the action of the lure, which is designed to work as “bait”. Always remember to troll very slowly : just enough for the bait to move and the gang troll to spin; occasional fast trolling might work, but in general slow trolling pays back the most.
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