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By Bill and Lori Jollymore's In Summer
Spin casting lovers can find an infinite variety of environments to enjoy their passion. When ice comes off the lakes you should look for the shallow corners of the lake, with a weedy bottom and cast a flashy silver or gold Vibrax Blue fox spinner , size two for smaller catches, or size three to select your captures. At ice off, spin casting is efficient all day long. When the waterwarms up in June, we have to go looking for deeper water during the warmer hours and spin cast along the shores and in the shallows early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Spoons ( Gibbs, Mc Lure’s ) become more efficient than spinners. The recommended colours are white and red. Silver works too, but don’t forget a touch of red. Small fish and new fry hatch between the end of june and the middle of July : rapala, flat fish and minnows become popular. They require a thin line ( 0.18 mm, 4 pounds test ) in order to allow the minnow its natural action. In the warmer hours you can catch the biggest fish, but you have to be patient and after the cast, wait for the lure to sink down to 30-50 ft sometimes, before reeling in. Good success of spin casting usually doesn’y go along with a good hatch : when trout are excited and concentrated on feeding off a good hatch, they usually are not interested on flashy lures. So it’s always recommendable to carry both the spin casting and the fly fishing equipment along. In the fall, starting from the beginning/middle of September on the upper lakes, both spoons and spinners work good. Minnows, rapala, flat fish work good too, but usually not in the warmer hours. When the water cools off we recommend mepps spinner, like the aglia long #2 and the black fury both red and yellow dots on a black background. In the lakes populated by kokanee, a salmon roe on the spinner always help as trout follow the kokanees’ spawning and naturally feed on fish roe. Just before the lakes freeze again, the best catches are on bright red and/or yellow spinners/spoons. Bright orange and yellow minnows and rapala work too. Trout slow down their activity and they have to be stimulated by bright coluours . the size of the spoons can increase towards the end of the season, just before the ice comes back : bigger fish are out feeding to put on fat for the winter and they attack #4 spinners and #3/4 spoons, as well as minnows/rapala up to 7-8 cm.
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